Anonymous: Anna please help meee! I love smoothies so much, but I'm so bad at making them. I'll just mix some fruit together, but at the end it always tastes not so good. Not to speak of green smoothies. I don't know what to do to make them taste good :D

You are me

Whether it’s a juice or smoothie I just check in whatever and hope for the best.

My favourite smoothie combos are:

  • Bananas, berries, coconut milk and spinach
  • Bananas, peanut butter, cacao powder and oat/coconut/almond milk
  • Coconut water, mango, bananas, spinach, blueberries
  • Frozen mango, bananas, raspberries, coconut milk
  • Water and LOTS of dates
  • Orange juices, frozen bananas, strawberries
  • Banana, spinach, kiwi-fruit, strawberries and whatever non-dairy liquid you want
  • Coconut milk, pineapple chunks, coconut sugar and a frozen banana

Pro-tip - adding frozen bananas gives it a fab texture and makes it almost like a thick shake. You can add things like flax/coconut oil/chia seeds/other powders! 

Anonymous: Anna, can you reccommend any fab healthy recipe blogs/websites? Or even cookbooks!? Thanks xx

Check out my friend Siobhan, hers is my favourite! :)

I also adore Oh She Glows!

Anonymous: Anna I'm going off the pill after 3 years and I'm terrified I'll gain weight :( do you know anything about going off the pill?!

When I was on the pill ~2 years ago, I actually gained weight going on it, and then it slowly fell off when I came off it. Most of the weight I gained was due to fluid retention though. Everyone will react differently, just treat your body gently while it adjusts!

Anonymous: Do you by any chance know any vegan breads? I can't seem to find any!

There’s a whole list of breads under this “Accidentally Vegan” list here :)

Anonymous: I need some help!!! Do you know any cheap organic fruit stores on the Gold Coast?? Xx

I don’t I’m afraid - if any of my followers know please feel free to comment!

My favourite ways to get good, organic fruit is just at the farmer’s markets! A great way to support local growers, it tastes good and it’s generally a fab price!

Anonymous: I need some ideas on everyday vegan meals, do you have any examples of what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner??

If you have a look here I post a whole heap of my food :)

Here are breakfast ideas, and here (dinner) and here (dinner) and here (lunch) 

Anonymous: What are your thoughts on Freelee the Banana Girl and the Raw Till 4 diet?

If raw till 4 is something that keeps you happy and healthy then that is all that matters - my opinion means nothing :)

I answered the other part of your question here!



My parents playing soccer in Australia in 1992

Anonymous: i have exams in two days and i want to be properly fuelled for the day! any recommendations on what i should have for breakfast? any brain foods you recommend :)

I have an exam in two days too!

My favourite pre-exam breakfast is banana pancakes topped with more banana, berries, coyo, nuts and maple syrup hmmmm!

Or, I would have a big bowl of banana oatmeal/quinoa flakes topped with nut butter, berries, coconut, more banana, maple syrup and whatever else I desire!

Best of luck! 

Anonymous: I am sad, I am in my second last year of high school(aus) and I have no friends. The one girl I do hang out with is so selfish and completely ignores me she always talks about her problems and ignored mine. She uses me for homework. I don't think she likes me at all, she is so negative as well! and I have anxiety and she always says stuff like she is so stressed where as she doesn't even need an atar and I just want to cry. There is no way I can make new friends.

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit down at the moment! Is there someone you can speak to about this?A school counsellor or your parents maybe? I pinky promise it’s all going to be okay though <3

If you don’t like the people you surround yourself with, then you have every right to change. You could join societies or clubs or sports teams at school? They are all great ways to make some new friends. Don’t doubt yourself or the fact that people are going to care about you and enjoy your company because you sound absolutely delightful!

If you’re in need of a pal, please feel free to message me off anonymous and I would be more than happy to oblige :) In the meantime, keep being your lovely self because the right people will radiate to you xx

Anonymous: Omg Anna ok so today was the first day of the AST (canberras equivalent to hsc) and there was legit a question like 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Where does the comma go?' And srsly school is absolutely crazyyyy

I know these tests seem a bit silly sometimes BUT YOU ARE NEARLY DONE!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Only a little bit left to go!!! So proud of you :) xx

Anonymous: Annaaaa in the process of uni applications and a buttload of work and was just wondering why you opted for health science over biomed as a pre med undergrad? Have a fab night! xx

Uni applications and school work, my thoughts are with you!

I liked this degree because it covered the basics I needed for GAMSAT, and it also covered the prerequisites for postgrad medicine that some uni’s require (advanced biochem, advanced anatomy and advanced physiology). It also has more of a focus on public health/health promotion and preventative health which I am really interested in :) They are both excellent pre-med degrees though! x

Anonymous: I absolutely admire that you are never rude in ANY of your asks even if you've answered the same question before or if someone asks a question they could easily have googled or something. You're such a sweetheart and I love seeing your posts and answered questions on my dashboard! Keep doing what you're doing, it doesn't go unnoticed!!!!!

You are fab and a half my friend! Thanks for being so kind, I really appreciate this message :) xx

Anonymous: Annnnnnnnaaaaaa! What ingredients/method did you use to make that juice? It's look delish and i'd love to give it a go :)

The juice today was 2 apples, 1 beetroot, 2 carrots, a handful of strawberries, a cucumber, 1-2 oranges and some fresh ginger! I just chop everything up and add it to my juicer :) x